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About the project

We have been asked to provide a connection into our national electricity transmission system for the proposed 3.2 GW Moorside nuclear power station, to be built near Sellafield in West Cumbria and for a number of new wind farms in the Irish Sea. This project is an important step towards meeting National Grid's challenge to modernise and extend the country's existing energy infrastructure. Its development is essential to ensure energy security in years to come, and to meet the UK's carbon reduction targets.

These proposals align with UK energy policy and the wider Masterplan for Britain's Energy Coast (opens a new tab/window). This is a 2 billion package of regeneration projects that aims to establish West Cumbria as a major national hub for low carbon and renewable energy generation.

While there is a distribution system serving homes in West Cumbria, there is currently no transmission system to allow the connection of new energy generators to our electricity transmission system. Our job is to find the best way to reinforce the national electricity transmission system to provide the required new connections. At the same time we need to maintain a secure and reliable system that can support electricity users at all times, even during maintenance or unexpected disruptions that could result from extreme weather, for example.

Before the connection can be built, we will be undertaking a great deal of technical and environmental investigation work, as well as extensive public consultation.

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